BBQ Peach Paper

It has been a busy day at the Allen Paper HQ – product testing and photo shooting our new BBQ peach paper. Our first brisket on the Webber kettle BBQ what a challenge! The Pitmasters make it  look so easy! Probably rushed it a bit to get it out It’s just resting up now about to crack a cold beer finish up for the week.

Why Peach Paper?

What is Peach Paper?

Peach paper, or pink butcher’s paper, is the beautiful pink paper we see wrapping meats at Barbecue Restaurants and Smokehouses.

Beloved by barbecue chefs and pitmasters, peach paper’s natural wet-strength and breathability make it ideal for enhancing your briskets and slow-cooked joints of meat.

Peach Paper’s delightful orange-pink hue is derived from the production process which uses natural unbleached plant fibres rather than any sort of actual peach infusion, resulting in a food-safe paper that enhances both the cooking, and the presentation of your meats.


Why would you wrap meat anyway?

Meat is approximately two thirds water, during cooking some of this liquid evaporates, contributing to that delicious crunch we all know and love. However if left unchecked evaporation can lead to dry and chewy meat.

Wrapping your meats with peach paper towards the end of the cooking time prevents it from drying out and helps seal in juices during the resting period.

You can also wrap your meat earlier in the cooking process to protect it if your heat source is too hot, or to prevent excessive darkening of the crust.


Paper vs Foil

Foil can also be used to wrap barbecue meats too, but brings with it a unique set of challenges.

The ‘Texas crutch’ is popular with many Barbecue chefs, however one must consider the unique properties of foil.

Foil is non-porous and prevents the smoke from penetrating the meat, effectively ending the smoking process. This lack of breathability also stops steam escaping, leading to condensation meaning you risk a soggy, mushy crust instead of the crisp bark you spent hours striving for.

Foil also reflects and radiates heat back into the meat,which means it continues to cook even once it is removed from the heat!

Peach paper has a natural breathability allowing steam to escape while retaining heat, and letting the smoke of your barbecue penetrate your meat for the entire cooking time.

Peach paper protects your meat as it rests without risking overcooking as it doesn’t retain heat like foil.



Allen Paper Peach paper has natural strength, fantastic cooking properties and that authentic “low-n-slow” barbecue look, so order today for your next barbecue, cook up, or grill-off!



How to BBQ Brisket

This video by Aaron Franklin, helped us a lot through the cook.

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