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Peach Paper Rolls

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Pink Butcher Paper is also known as peach paper or the BBQ paper. It is highly popular among BBQ professionals for wrapping briskets/meat for smoking. This is because foil is non-porous and it does not allow the steam to escape during smoking. It will condense and in turn, soil the crispy bark of the meat.

A highly porous butcher paper solves most of these issues by allowing the steam to escape while keeping the contents protected from the full assault of the smoker.

Why Allen Papers Butcher Paper?
Our paper, Using our specially formulated treatment, the internal paper structure has been strengthened, such that it will not fall apart easily when it is soaked with oil or water. This wet strength property makes it perfect for wrapping food/meat with high oil or fat content.

It is also unbleached and FDA approved as safe for direct food contact. Although you can technically use any kind of kraft paper for food, you have no idea what are the chemicals used in the manufacturing, which may be harmful to your body.

For BBQ enthusiasts out there, being food grade is still not enough and doesn’t mean it’s fine to use in the smoker. Freezer paper, for example, has a layer of polyethylene plastic that will melt at 180f. Thus, it’s important for the paper to be uncoated and unwaxed as well.

Allen Papers Butcher Paper has a density of 45gsm, making it extra strong for smoking, cooking, storing and wrapping freshly cut meats.
With the peach tint, the paper has a unique rustic feel, making it popular for food serving, enhances the appearance of sandwiches, burger, fresh meats, poultry and fish.

Allen Paper Butchers Paper comes on a roll that is 575mm x 100m perfect for use in the restaurant or at home.

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1200mm x 100m, 1200mm x 50m, 600mm x 100m, 600mm x 50m, 600mm x 20m


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