Paper is a simple object with a deep and complex history.  For thousands of years people have been cutting paper, transforming it into folk art as unique and diverse as their cultures.

Joe Bagley attended Boston University where he received a BA in Archaeology. While pursuing his degree, he maintained a long-held hobby of papercutting, an art form he was introduced to at a summer camp art class.  This hobby of over 12 years became a full time pursuit after he lost his archaeological job to the economic crisis in the fall of 2008.  Facing a quickly declining job market, he focused on his art creating a small business dedicated to the creation of fine art and custom first anniversary gifts (traditionally made from paper).

His work is part of a new Paper cut style reflecting various folk styles with a new and modern approach to subject and form.  Each of his pieces is cut by hand from a single sheet of black Paper, and mounted to white illustration board using archival adhesive.

Joe’s original papercuts have been shown in galleries and museums across America including the Tampa Museum of Art, and the Florida Craftsman.    His work can be found in private collection world wide,  including eight pieces in the collection Gavin and Yaena Boyle, London.


He currently resides in Boston, Massachusetts with his wife, Jennifer.

Paper Cuts by Joe Bagley

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