Reusable Wrapping Paper.

Custom Printed Wrapping Paper Custom Printed Wrapping Paper

This Peter England Recyclables is a wrapping paper that goes above and beyond the call of duty. Instead of just sitting pretty waiting to be ripped off, the wrapping paper is full of handy tips and fun illustrations on reusing the very same wrapping paper.

via: Behance

Paper Punk


Designed by Grace Hawthone Punk is an innovative paper-based building toy that provides endless imaginative and creative play for humans of all ages. With a few simple folds, colorful 2D flat shapes transform into bold 3D geometric pieces to create spectacular looking paper toys and art forms. It was founded with a simple ambition – to enable people to exercise their creativity and make things with their hands.

Honest Paper Packaging

Qian’s Gift rice packaging brings back the ancient way of packaging rice, from the plant fiber envelope to the dye utilized to label the package. The entire design and package is completely environmentally friendly and traditional. A unique design that brings nostalgia, honesty, and authenticity to the product.

“In the Chinese province of Guizhou, people still apply ancient techniques of rice cultivation, banning chemicals and letting nature do its work to produce the best organic rice. No industrialization and no modern manufacturing methods either for packaging the rice: the plant fiber envelope is made by local paper-makers. Indigo is used in this region to dye clothing, so this was adopted for printing the information on the packaging, all applied by hand without any machine. This distinctive design is environmentally friendly and a return to the origins of traditional production.”

Via: Dieline