BBQ Peach Paper

Peach paper, or pink butcher’s paper, is the beautiful pink paper we see wrapping meats at Barbecue Restaurants and Smokehouses.

Beloved by barbecue chefs and pitmasters, peach paper’s natural wet-strength and breathability make it ideal for enhancing your briskets and slow-cooked joints of meat.

Peach Paper’s delightful orange-pink hue is derived from the production process which uses natural unbleached plant fibres rather than any sort of actual peach infusion, resulting in a food-safe paper that enhances both the cooking, and the presentation of your meats.


Allen Paper’s Butcher Paper is manufactured to the highest standards. It is a safe and healthy choice for you and your family. 

It is unbleached and all natural. There is no wax or polymer coating on the paper. We choose the finest pure virgin pulps to make our paper. 

Our paper is chosen by BBQ enthusiasts for Texas style brisket smoking. The paper protects the meat from the full assault of the smoker, while its high breathability property allows the steam to escape the wrapping, ensuring a firm crust on your smoked goods. 

Our specially formulated treatment on the internal paper structure gives an extra boost to the paper’s wet strength so that it will not disintegrate when it gets soaked in oil or water. 

Beautiful natural peach tint has made it an excellent aesthetic choice for serving other types of food such as sandwiches, burgers, and fries etc. Peach Paper is also known as Pink Butcher paper or BBQ paper.

It is highly popular among BBQ professionals for wrapping briskets and other meat for smoking. Although foil is a durable wrapping for smoking, it’s non-porous nature traps steam and moisture which condenses and can ruin the delicious crust on your meat. Our highly porous butcher paper solves these issues by allowing steam to escape while keeping the contents protected from the full assault of the smoker. 

Why Allen Paper’s Peach Paper? 
The internal structure of our butcher paper has been strengthened using our specially formulated treatment so that it will not fall apart when saturated with oil or water. This wet strength makes it perfect for wrapping food/meat with high oil or fat content. It is unbleached and FDA approved as safe for direct food contact. Although there are alternative BBQ papers on the market, you can be certain that Allen Paper’s butcher paper is safe for you and your family. 

BBQ aficionados and foodies will know that being food grade does not guarantee suitability for use in a smoker. Many freezer and waxed papers have plastic coatings that melt at high temperatures, this is why Allen Paper is proud to offer a peach paper with no toxic coatings or waxes. 

Multi-Purpose Allen Paper’s Peach Paper has a density of 45gsm, making it extra strong for smoking, cooking, storing and wrapping freshly cut meats. With the peach tint, the paper has a unique rustic feel, making it popular for food service as it enhances the appearance of sandwiches, burgers, fresh meats, poultry and fish. Size: Allen Paper Peach Paper comes on a roll from 1200mm to 228mm wide and in a range of lengths perfect for use in the restaurant or at home. Add to cart now and own the paper in a matter of days!


Description: Premium Peach Paper

Stock: Peach Paper

GSM: 45gsm

Form: Sheets and Rolls

Print: Custom Print Available 1 or 2 colour.

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