cite de l’architecture & heritage in paris, france, has organized an exhibition at le palais de chaillot, entitled ‘paper architecture’ featuring designs by ingrid siliakusbeatrice coronstephanie beckmathilde nivet and peter callesen. the collection of work looks at iconic buildings and the creation of imaginary cities made of the thin sheets. during the presentation children will learn the techniques used in the art of folding and etching to realize the models. Each artists use different grades of paper to produce their art works. ‘earth catcher’, 2010 image © beatrice coron French artist beatrice coron uses tyvek, a non-woven textile to etch her stories. the material has the look and feel similar to paper and is more resistant to tearing. the substance allows her to produce large images with numerous layers of detail which she has chiseled with finesse using a knife and scissors as her tool. cosmopolitan new york, 2011 image © ingrid siliakus Dutch designer ingrid siliakus uses a technique called origamic which takes its technique from origami (the art of folding) and kirigami (the art of japanese paper cuts). the models are developed from a single sheet which is carefully creased and pierced to create an architectural volume.   ‘the short distance between time and shawdow’, 2012 image © peter callesen danish designer peter callesen explores the transformation of a simple A4 white sheet into figures that expand into the space surrounding them. the negative and empty area left by the cut points out the contrasting three dimensional reality it has created. the fragile elements face a tragic story of always being attached to their origins without the possibility of escaping.   Via Design Boom

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